Compass Software has accumulated a huge know-how in the more than 30 years we have in the market, that is, we deal with a multitude of individual situations and practical problems in our customers. This accumulated know-how allows us to always find the best solution for the needs of each company. In addition, we have a development team with 12 experts who constantly work on innovations and to make the software increasingly efficient.

Compass Software is the world’s leading software for the design of wooden stairs.

With an accumulated experience of more than 30 years on the market, Compass Software offers a completely modular integrated software solution that can easily be adapted to both small carpentry and the serial production of major manufacturers.

Compass Software allows its customers to focus all process steps on one software, from design, production planning, to cnc machine programming which translates into important time savings, error elimination and increased productivity of your company.

Compass Software – Your solution for the production of wooden stairs.

Access to Databases

Customers can create their own presets for new types of stairs. These presets allow users to have quick access to different types of stairs, which makes the CAD part of the project an easy task.


Another great advantage is the degree of accuracy that the software offers, as it is not necessary to pre-assemble the ladder in your factory before sending it to the customer. They know that everything will fit and fit perfectly in the work.