Cut Rite and other


Cut Rite

Cut Rite is HOMAG’s cutting optimization software.

Cut Rite allows you to move from a slow plate cutting process into a much faster and more efficient process that allows you to save time and reduce material waste, which translates into real money savings.

The modular structure of Cut Rite allows you to integrate various modules and functionality that go from panel libraries, calculation of stocks to part label editing.


WoodWOP is HOMAG’s CNC Machine Programming System.

It stands out for an innovative graphic area where the three-dimensional view of the machined part occupies a central place.

Machining, drilling and sawing can be easily programmed on the machine and realistically visualized in the graphic area.

This guarantees you full control and security during program generation.


Machine Monitoring and Reporting (MMR) is the HOMAG’s software that allows you to
have in real time the status of customer machines, giving you relevant information such as stop times, effective production, maintenance times, etc. of each machine, also allowing you to identify any problems by comparing performance of machines by shifts, by days, by weeks or months, which gives you the possibility to implement improvements in your production line.